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Bend Pak
Air Bottle for 4-Post
Safety Locks
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Many of our customers are concerned about the air requirement for safety-lock release activation on BendPak four-post car lifts. Some consumers may not have an air compressor or worried about the added expense of purchasing one then going through the trouble of plumbing airlines etc.

That's why BendPak developed this PATENT PENDING compressed air bottle system, allowing the lift to create its own air source each time the lift is raised. The safety-lock release system found on BendPak lifts requires 25-PSI to safely release all four locks simultaneously. The Car Lift Air Bottle Kit system from BendPak creates 150-PSI with one full lift rise--more than enough air for multiple full descents with the safety button depressed.








Features & Specifications

  • CURRENT OPTION 1 - Bottle is attached to the lift as a separate component. (As shown)
  • PENDING OPTION 2 - Bottle and stated components are integrated into the standard hydraulic power unit/manifold assembly with the bottle being stored within the oil reservoir.
  • Bottle is fed through an input fitting that is plumbed directly to the vent port on the lift hydraulic cylinder.
  • Features a one-way check valve so that when air enters the bottle, it can’t escape.
  • Features a second one-way check valve that operates independent of the other that allows the cylinder to reverse direction without creating a vacuum. It pulls air from the atmosphere rather than the air bottle.
  • Out port feeds directly to the pneumatic safety push-button operator.
  • Leak-proof fittings and valves. Bottle can remain charged for up to 24-months.
  • Pressure gauge to identify charged status.
  • Integrated “pop-off” safety valve when bottle exceeds 150 PSI.
  • Bottle fully charges up to 150-PSI with one full rise.
  • Independent valve stem for emergency re-charging.
Service is our Specialty

You Never Have To Say, "Now What?" Again
BendPak has over 650 installation and service centers loca
ted in the United States. These fully equipped installation and service centers have specialty service fleets that make a living installing and servicing large car dealerships, national accounts, auto repair centers and occasional auto enthusiasts and DIY'ers.

BendPak customers are supported by a specialized service program known as Certified Service SM. Our fully staffed Customer Care Center (CCC) is available to meet all of your support needs including highly responsive technical support; one‐on‐one communication with account representatives and technical experts; electronic data interchange (EDI); a highly‐efficient logistics support chain, automated dispatch and communications system and a tightly integrated system that allows incident management; trouble‐shooting and reporting to be seamlessly provided to customers seamlessly, regardless of location.


BendPak Inc. serves more than half a million satisfied customers worldwide. Our award-winning Certified Service™ program is how we keep those customers smiling long after the initial purchase of their garage equipment product. When the unexpected happens, BendPak Certified Service™ is your first and final step towards making it right.

One phone call puts you in touch with our fully staffed Customer Care Center (CCC) to meet all your needs with highly responsive technical support, one-on-one communication with account representatives and technical experts, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI); a highly-efficient logistics support chain, as well as automated communications and dispatch network. All of these support features are tightly integrated into a well-oiled system, so we can seamlessly provide the best incident management, trouble-shooting and reporting to all our customers right over the phone.

Whether you're in the United States or almost anywhere around the globe, an entire fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles is standing by to dispatch a mobile factory-trained technician or service provider unit to your location, if needed. Our on-site experts are trained and qualified to perform warranty services, equipment repairs, inspections, preventative maintenance and part replacement with unparalleled speed and efficiency, right there on your premises.

In the event that you need a replacement part, BendPak's "Spare in the Air" repair strategy provides overnight-or-sooner part replacement. Our comprehensive spares inventory and partnerships with industry-leading service providers ensure the quickest possible turnaround. What's more, BendPak's warehouses and shipping processes are state-of-the-art. A logistics support team verifies availability, inventory, shipping and delivery from start to finish. So when you buy BendPak, you're getting more than great automobile service equipment. You're getting peace of mind.

The BendPak / Ranger technical support staff is located in the same facilities as our engineers, manual writers and assemblers, giving you unprecedented access to the men and women who designed the very equipment you're calling about. Our tools, equipment and necessary technical resources are 100% available to you, so any complex technical issue is resolved without delay. You aren't going to find this kind of convenient, dedicated support anywhere else besides BendPak / Ranger.

Our reputation is one of not only legendary products, but legendary technical support. We're obsessed with making sure that you are a BendPak / Ranger fan for life, so we give you the very best after-sales support in the world. It's both our pleasure and our specialty. The moment you purchased a product from BendPak / Ranger, you became part of a family of folks who have a passion for automobiles and service equipment, just like you. We're just happy to take care of our own and committed to making it as easy as possible to solve your equipment issues. With BendPak's award-winning Certified Service™ program, it's step 1 and you're done!






























































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